Thanks for stopping by and visiting our site. Beaker's Aviary maintains a flock of stellar Congo African Grey Parrots and raise their hatchlings into some of the finest companion parrots available today. Our aviary, located in the metro Indianapolis, Indiana area, is integral to our home and helps us raise some wonderfully socialized babies. We are passionate about our birds and our babies, and we think it shows.

Yes, Beaker's Aviary is building out its new web site, on new servers, with brand new content.  We took our servers down when we moved to our new house, and are finally ready to commit some time to our website.

Available birds

For those looking for one of our Congo African Grey babies, we are waiting to reintroduce the nest boxes to our breeders.  Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for announcements.

Speaking of Facebook, be sure to "like" us at